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16 x 20 inch Picture Frame, Ornate, Baroque Country style


Picture Frame - Ornate Baroque style, Leather-Tanned Aging - 16"x20" Inner

Ornate Baroque style Wood & Gesso French Country Chic picture frame with intricate detailing. Professionally stripped to bare materials, and cured, with layer upon layer literally tanned with my ‘Leather Process” treatments, then repeated layers of Tanning over Gesso with darker Gesso Glaze. (With each stage going through its own individual aging technique or process.)

This is NOT just a Frame with some Paint and/or Glaze slapped on it! It has been processed through literally weeks upon weeks of time and effort; with each stage carefully crafted to compliment the layer to be laid upon it. Areas of replaced or repaired trim work are barely noticeable, but left intentionally, to add to the overall vintage feel. 

I love when I can strip a frame to its essence, then re-invent and distress it in numerous stages; each adding a layer of texture or color upon the others. Essentially, put through many of the stages of the actual vintage aging process so authentically that most people would see it as an original vintage ornate picture frame that had been nicely cleaned, but all the character and small flaws still intact. 

No two frames are EVER alike, with each one taking on a unique personality, color and tone of its own. Can be used vertically or horizontally.

FRAME ONLY (Mounting hardware & wire is included, but not attached.)

Inner Dimensions are 16 x 20 inches
Outer Dimensions are 20 x 24 inches

$155.00 (Frame ONLY.)

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