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Vintage Brass Bottle Music Lamp


Antique Solid Brass & Brown Glass Bottle "Music-Box"

This "One-of-a-Kind" Antique Solid Brass & Brown Glass Bottle "Music-Box". Solid Brass Casings around a Vintage Brown Speckled Glass Bottle. Base is also wrapped in "Alligator Skin" style material. The base is also a Music-Box that plays "How Dry I am" when you pick it up. Just wind up the Original Winding Key on the bottom, and when lifted it allows the Activation Rod to extend slightly, which starts the music mechanism. I've searched the whole of the Internet and never seen one just like this, much less converted into an Edison Bulb Lamp! It's Eclectic Electric and Retro-Cool!

$65 - Complete (With 40-Watt Edison Bulb.)

$14 - Shipping (2-3 day delivery.)