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Vintage GE Fan Blade Wall Decor


Vintage GE Fan Blade on Aged Wood-Slat Frame - 20” x 16”

This is an Authentic 1935 12” Vintage GE Aluminum Fan Blade, (with Original Tightening Nut). It is one of the most Desirable and Classic Fan Blade styles ever made. (Many Vintage Fan collectors and restorers would pay almost as much just for the Pristine "Vortalex 49x491" Fan Blade!)

This Classic GE Fan Blade, combined with the Aged Wood Slat-Style Display Board is finished with 4 Polished Black Corner Studs. It is equipped with 4 hangers, so it can be hung horizontally or vertically.

For a more personalized look, it FITS PERFECTLY into a standard 20” x 16” PICTURE FRAME for an AMAZING Finished Look! We’ll leave that part to you, since it allows you to customize the overall look and feel to your own décor.

Vintage GE Fan Blade – Wall Decor – Aged Wood Slat Style – 20” x 16” x 1 ½“

NOTE: The piece is sold without the "Black Sample Frame" shown in the last picture, but your can easily customize it to fit your décor by adding a 20" x 16" frame of your choice and style. (Only if you wish to add a separate exterior frame.)

$135 - Complete with GE Fan Blade, Black Studs, Wood Slat-Board & 4 Hangers

$27 - Shipping (2-3 Day Residential Delivery)